Accused Vic murderer says witnesses lying

By AAP Newswire

A man on trial for the 1995 murder of a teenager at Geelong believes multiple people have lied to implicate him, including a veteran homicide detective.

Karl Michael Hague, 44, has spent two days in the witness box as part of his Victorian Supreme Court trial for the shopping centre stabbing murder of 16-year-old Ricky Balcombe.

While being cross examined by prosecutor Andrew Tinney SC on Thursday, Hague said a witness had lied after she was "fed information from (retired homicide detective) Ron Iddles".

Simmone Stamolos gave evidence earlier this week that after Ricky was murdered on May 5, 1995, Hague told her the teenager was "the little c*** that knifed my car".

"She is a born liar, that girl," Hague said on Thursday.

Hague also said Ms Stamolos gave false evidence about what time he went to his girlfriend's house on the day of the murder.

"I don't know why she's given that information. Obviously Ron Iddles has given her that information."

Hague conceded his lawyer had not asked Mr Iddles if he "coached" Ms Stamolos or perverted the course of justice when the former detective previously gave evidence.

Hague also said another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, lied in his evidence about Hague saying "I stabbed him".

"I've never met the bloke, never had contact or dealings with him," Hague said.

The alleged killer then rejected the evidence of three other people who said they saw Hague at the time Ricky was fatally stabbed at Market Square shopping centre.

"I wasn't in town that day," Hague said.

The prosecution alleges Ricky was murdered in revenge, weeks after a group of youths surrounded and smashed Hague's car with a machete as he and his friends cowered inside, on April 21, 1995.

Hague's car was allegedly attacked in retaliation to a fight earlier that day between Hague, then 21, and Ricky.

Mr Tinney said Hague confronted the 16-year-old at the shopping centre.

"You went up to him and you said 'do you remember me, motherf*****?'," the prosecutor said.

"And then you pulled the knife from under your jacket, and then you stabbed him to death, didn't you?"

"It's all a lie," Hague replied.

"I wasn't in the mall, period."

Mr Tinney said one witness remembered hearing Hague let out "a frantic scream, just like a frenzied animal".

"I didn't know Ricky Balcombe and I had no reason to be angry with Ricky Balcombe," Hague said.

He admitted getting into a scuffle with the teenager, but said the fight "finished quicker than it started".

The prosecution and defence will make their closing statements when the trial resumes on Monday.