Vic cops suspended over brutality videos

By AAP Newswire

Four Victoria Police officers have been suspended over two separate alleged brutality incidents caught on camera in the same Melbourne suburb.

Head of Professional Standards Command, Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, took the action on Friday after CCTV footage of the incidents was made public earlier in the week.

Three officers have been suspended over a September 2017 incident in which a disability pensioner was pinned down, beaten with a baton, capsicum sprayed, then hosed down in his Preston front yard.

Another officer has been suspended over the treatment of a man who held up a Preston pharmacy in February 2016 and was kicked and stomped on while handcuffed.

People outraged by the videos have organised a rally at the Preston Town Hall at 11am on Saturday.

And a fifth officer has been reassigned over a third incident in Bendigo in March 2015, in which an arrested man was thrown into a metal door at the police station.

The suspensions and reassignment are interim actions while all incidents are investigated by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.