Liberal MPs rally behind Turnbull

By AAP Newswire


* "I regret making those remarks at the time, making the remarks about 30 Newspolls" - Malcolm Turnbull.

* "It's really, I suppose, something for Malcolm to explain why it applied to me, but shouldn't apply now" - Tony Abbott.

* "It's Mr Turnbull who said 30 Newspolls is a definition of success. That's his problem" - Bill Shorten.

* "But what I (also) promised to do was to provide economic leadership and traditional cabinet government and I have done both" - Turnbull.

* "We are in a close, tight political environment. The next election is absolutely there to be won" - Turnbull.

* "The public are expressing an opinion, but it will come to a point where they will have to make a decision about who they trust with economic management and national security and I'm confident that that will be Malcolm Turnbull" - Julie Bishop.

* "What (voters) don't want is a Shorten government, people want us to succeed" - Angus Taylor.

* "It's not unusual for incumbent governments in between elections being behind in the polls, I mean we're not actually that far behind, truth be told" - Mathias Cormann.

* "Jumping at shadows at the Newspoll, or indeed 30 Newspolls, is never going to be the basis for good, sound government" - Eric Abetz.

* "If you believed the polls, Nick Xenophon was going to be premier a few months ago" - Simon Birmingham.