Alison Wonderland forms her own Awakening

By AAP Newswire

Alison Wonderland didn't realise she was in a toxic relationship until her own music showed her she was.

The Australian DJ, real name Alexandra Sholler, was writing Church, the first single from her upcoming second album Awake, when the lyrics started to reveal something to her.

"I was writing Church... and I thought 'holy s***, I need to be treated better. This is not how anyone should be treated'," Sholler told AAP.

"With Church I took the first step to get out of something very negative, very toxic."

It was the first song she started to work on for the album, and it set the tone for a very personal record.

"A lot of this album is a journey, from that point to Awake, which is the last song I wrote on the album," she said.

"So much has happened and I really feel like I came out on top."

Sholler is easily one of the country's most successful DJs. She's performed at more than 450 festivals, and will appear at celebrity festival Coachella next month as the highest billed DJ in its history.

Awake is the follow up to her 2015 debut record, Run, which sold more than 150,000 copies and was certified gold in Australia.

Sholler hopes the new album will help people who are going through a tough time or need inspiration to help them out of a similar situation.

"A thousand people can tell you but it has to come from you to get out of something, whether it be a relationship, or a friendship or a work place, if your gut is telling you every day something very negative and you can't drag yourself out of it, there's something wrong," she said.

* Awake is released on Friday, April 6.